Modeling a Chesterfield chair in Maya

By Henning Birkeland


1.Start creating a plane with subdivisions width and height set to 2. Use the split tool to split the diagonal lines.

2.Select the center vertex and the vertices at the corners and use Chamfer vertex to get the new faces. Scale the new vertices in each face out so the center becomes a circle and the corners 1/4 circles.

3. Split new lines as shown on the image.

4. Use the Bevel tool on the diagonal and the vertical lines as shown on the image. Raise the segments to 5. Clean you mesh if necessary.

5. Extrude the center and corner faces to create the buttons. Spred the lines and create the shape you want on your patch, but always do the same modifications on both sides of the object so the outer edges are alike.

6. Duplicate your patch horizontal and vertical and place the object as close to each other as possible. Combine all the objects and use Merge on all the vertices on the edges to stitch the model together.

7. Use the bend deformer to bend the top backwards, set the Low Bound to zero so the tool is only bending the top.

8. Delete history and use the bend tool again, this time rotate it so it bends the sides forward.

9. Select the vertices on the edges and merge points to remove detalis that you don't need. Select the edge around the object (dobbel click on the edge). Extrude the edge in to soften the shape. Hit 3 on the keyboard to see the smooth version.

10. The same technic is used for the arm resters. The rest of the chair is done with simple box modeling by extruding faces.

I hope this gave you some pointers on how to start and how the bend deformer can come in handy when modeling.