Here are a collection of some of the panorama images I have taken. The images are converted to Flash using the software Pano2VR and you need to have flash installed and activated in your browser to see them. Click on the images and then drag to navigate or use the buttons at the bottom.

Puerto De Mogan - Gran Canaria

Puerto De Mogan - Gran Canaria

Slottsfjellet - Tønsberg, Norway

Den Tilsandede kirke - Skagen, Denmark

Skagen Fyr (Lighthouse) - 46 meter - Skagen, Denmark

Rognlifjell 961 m - Norway

London - St Paul's Cathedral

London - Big Ben and London Eye

Rome - St. Peter's Square

Rome - Pantheon

London - National Theater

Winter day in Tonsberg

Rome - Forum Romanum

Rome - Colosseum

Holland - Soest

Tonsberg - Slottsfjellet

Tonsberg - bay

Tonsberg - Thaulowhullet

3D image projection

The panorama images are taken with SLR camera Nikon D70s and Nikon D90 using Nodal Ninja tripod panorama head and Sigma 8 mm fisheye lens. The images are then stitched together using the PTgui software.

The panoramas are at least 8000 x 4.000 pixels in orginal size, but here they are scaled down for the web.

If you want to use some of mye highres panoramas for personal projects please contact me and I will send them to you - they are free to use as long as I get some credit :)